The Capium business app is an intuitive, easy to use, mobile app designed to make HMRC’s MTD agenda easier. The Capium app allows Clients and Accountants to collaborate and transfer data in real time. The app was designed to capture receipts, raise sales and purchase invoices whilst on the go. Saving time and effort in processing!

Capture, Connect, Collaborate

Our mobile app allows your clients to capture data efficiently on the move, which connects directly to the Bookkeeping module within Capium, allowing you (the accountant) to collaborate with your clients easily.


  • Raise invoices directly from your phone
  • Multiple line items per invoice
  • Available in a variety of currencies
  • Add structured discounts and exclude VAT if necessary
  • Edit and delete invoices
  • Integrated into your Capium dashboard
  • Send invoices directly to clients
  • Mark invoices as cleared
  • Hosted securely in the cloud
  • GDPR Compliant


With Reciept Scanning

  • No more shoeboxes full of reciepts
  • Scan reciepts into the app, with auto filling recognition
  • Amend and clear purhcases at any time
  • See historic purchases
  • View total purhcases by supplier
  • Multi currency support
  • Integrated into your Capium dashboar
  • Hosted securely in the cloud
  • GDPR Compliant


  • See your clients sales and purchases by year and month instantly
  • Preset YOY comparisons for context on performance
  • View Corporation Tax submission updates*
  • View Payroll submissions*
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • See information from previous financial years/li>
  • All updated in real time with your Capium dashboard
Any item with a * is only available if you have this module as a part of your Capium subscription


As with all our software, the Capium Business App has been developed with the accountant in mind. We assembled focus groups involving a variety of accountants and industry experts to ensure our developers were creating an app which is transforms the relationship between client and accountant.
Ease of use, seamless integration and a point of communication were the takeaways of our development focus groups to which the app is centred around.

Other Features

  • Raise and monitor support desk tickets
  • Finger print recognition for added security
  • Push notifications for key information such as overdue invoices
  • Communicate to your clients
  • Add and amend customer details
  • Add and amend supplier details
  • View all your clients accounts
  • A great way to prepare for MTD

How to get started

For your clients to have access to the app, either you or they will need to purchase licences. Licences are available from your Capium dashboard
  • Navigate to the “My Capium” dashboard
  • Select the “Business App” option on the left hand side (the mobile phone icon)
  • Select the “buy more” option under the “Purchase Licneces” section at the top
Once you have licences, it’s a simple as moving the slider next to each client to grant them access.


CHAMPIONS HAVE TO SAY We have a developed the app with accountants and industry experts to create an app which streamlines the process. See what our beta testers had to say